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Ready to hit the beach? Go here for more information in Oxnard, otherwise continue reading to learn more about the Oxnard State Beach Park. This public sandy beach is part of the shoreline between Mandalay Beach (to the north) and Hollywood Beach (to the south). In the middle of the beach you’ll find the Oxnard Beach Park where many locals and visitors alike frequently visit.

Visitors can take in the beautiful green lawns, use the barbecue areas that are free to the public, enjoy jogging or skating the palm-lined path, let the kids play in a designated area, play some volleyball and so much more. Oftentimes traveling bicyclists will stop here to rest.

It’s also a popular spot for surfing, body boarding, sunbathing, kayaking and fishing. You might even see some kites flying if it’s a windy day. Picnic enthusiasts frequent this park because the views are just as stunning from the Oxnard State Beach Park.

The kids will absolutely enjoy the children’s playground that features a jungle gym that looks like a pirate ship and plenty of room for everyone to play and run. Parking is almost always available here, even during peak seasons but note that a fee is required to park.

Want to bring your dog along? Pets are allowed but must be on a lease and you will need to clean up after them. There is wheelchair access to the beach so everyone can enjoy a beautiful day outdoors at a beautiful park with great views and scenery. There are also 2 bathrooms located on the premises.

It’s advised to bring a lunch and plenty of water if you plan to enjoy most of the day here. It’s a popular spot where you’ll regularly see people playing volleyball, you might notice some exercise groups, kite flying is fun here and just relaxing, soaking up the sun.

The pavilions at Oxnard State Beach Park can be reserved which works out great if you’re looking to have a reunion of sorts, celebrate a special event or planning an event for work even. Plenty of open space and room to have activities during your event and really take advantage of your time at this beautiful park.

Once you visit it will be easy to see why it’s a popular spot for both locals and Oxnard visitors. Just seeing all of the people here enjoying time with others and their furry friends creates a fun atmosphere that becomes contagious the longer you’re at the park.

If you’re looking for something to do after a day at the Oxnard State Beach Park consider renting a sailboat at Sail Channel Islands just a short trip down Sunset Ln. You can reserve a captained charter for a day of fun, or if you’re looking for a creative way to pop the question to your significant other, this would be it!  For other fun things to do check out this place.

Oxnard State Beach Park

Oxnard, California