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If you’re in the Oxnard, CA area and are also a gun enthusiast you want to be sure to check out Shooters Paradise of Oxnard. They offer gun rentals or you can bring your own to use the gun range. Rentals are very affordable and you won’t have to worry about cleaning them afterwards; a big perk for many.

In addition to the gun range, the business also offers training classes for new shooters, refreshers, juniors, hunter education, reloading and certification.

There are certain weapons that are allowed and those are handguns (up to .500 & S&W), rifles (up to .300 Win. Mag, factory loads only), all shotguns and all shell types, and quality air guns (no air-soft or BB guns) however you are not allowed to bring any black powder weapons.

Any damage accidentally done by shooting target holders results in a $40 fine as well. You can bring your own targets or use those offered by Shooters Paradise of Oxnard, however they do not allow photos of people, paper plates, pie tins, etc. Only regulation targets are allowed.

Need a hunting license? You can take a hunter safety course here for $15 per student, cash only. Those considering taking the course can stop by Shooters Paradise and get a copy of the booklet “Today’s Hunter in California” to study up on. You must complete the pre-work in this booklet also.

Don’t go here to register, however, and instead visit the CA Fish & Wildlife website on line to pre-register for the hunter safety course.  Go here to learn more.

Top instructors can help new shooters or those looking for a refresher course. It’s by appointment only and the class fee will vary by the instructor. The junior firearms course (10 years or older) offers basic instruction for the young including safety in the home, safety outside the home and range rules. Range time is included but gun rentals, ammo and targets will cost extra.

It’s required that you bring someone with you; individuals not allowed. You can purchase a basic membership, 6 month membership, 1 year membership or family membership to get the most bang for your buck.

Otherwise you can buy a day pass for each shooter and can have no more than 4 people on one lane. You can pay extra for another lane and use your ammo for a small fee.  For other activities go here.

Residents can also shop for guns and ammo at Shooters Paradise. The business also offers gunsmithing services so if you need general repair and cleaning, scope mounted, basic gunsmithing work, or something else, give them a call to see how they can help.

Shooters Paradise of Oxnard is very by the rule book so it’s important that you visit their website before visiting their location. This way you are up to speed on the rules and what is or isn’t allowed. You want to be able to return to enjoy another day of shooting!

Shooters Paradise of Oxnard

1910 Sunkist Cir, Oxnard, CA 93033
(805) 486-1177